The MURGIA SERGIO SRL Company makes every day, with suitable means of transport, the collection of the milk in over 200 ovine-caprine Companies located in the Campidano plain, the most vast plain of Sardinia, located in the south western portion of the island.

Characteristics and specific qualities of our milk:
The ovine milk present specific differences compared to the bovine, either from a physical-chemical or microbiological point of view. It appears of white porcelain colour, more light compared to the bovine milk for the minor presence of carotene, with a major viscosity due to more content of dry substance.

The composition of ovine milk is characterized by a huge compound variability due to:
• genetic factors
• stage of lactation
• feeding and breeding conditions
The result is ,anyway, a content of fat and proteins more elevated compared to the bovine milk, and it is in connection with these characteristics that ovine milk is normally used in dairy cheese industry.