The birth of Cheese
… a long story!

The birth of cheese crosses with the origin of man and of Primitive societies. In the same moment in which the Primitive man decided to dedicate his time do agriculture, he learnt to tame animals such as cows, sheep and goats, necessary, either for meat and for milk, a precious nourishment for its nutrition qualities. But producing the first cheese with the milk shouldn’t have been rather than simple, it had been necessary to use the intellect and, surely, a little distraction to obtain curd from milk not anymore fresh or badly recovered, an then cheese. Unfortunately the origin of the cheese goes lost into the legend, but we can always imagine …

… a little distract shepherd that forgot to consummate the milk he had just milked or to keep it in a refrigerated place. With hot weather, the milk became acid and it transformed into a great curd. Or also much more possible, our shepherd wanting to bring with him some food projecting a long journey, put the milk into a flask, usually a wineskin made out from a goat’s stomach , the poor shepherd, who didn’t know that into ruminants’ stomach there are some enzymes that ease the digestion of the milk, he must have been really surprised when he tried to quenche his thirst, instead of finding fresh milk he found himself drinking a yellow and acid liquid, the curd, from which he’d produced the cheese.